Friday, February 15, 2008

V-day extraveganza

I write this just down the hall from a kitchen that, despite an hour of cleaning, still looks like a disaster zone.  The culprit?  A 5 course meal I just prepared.  We had people over (including Hot Doc) and spent the evening in a glutinous euphoria.  By my 5th drink paring I was full on flirt mode.  Despite being a mixed crowd (vanilla and non) no one seemed to take offense- probably because they've seen me in flirt mode a hundred times by now.  

The evening was good for Hot Doc because this was the first time she had spent time in such close quarters with The One and I.  Seeing The One's reactions to my entendres visibly relaxed her and by the end of the night she was flirting right back at a level generally reserved for the private moments after a night out.  We may go out dancing tonight... we'll see how that goes.

As for the rest of my evening- my promised jumping at the hands of The One did not happen.  She was passed out by the time I was done in the kitchen.  I, too, was exhausted but ready to- errrr- rise to the occasion.  Oh well... there is always tomorrow.

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