Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kindred Spirit...

Tonight I had the rare opportunity to hang out with a friend I feel an bizarre connection with. Free Spirit and I are at once extremely similar and incredible different all the same. The same in that we are both ridiculous flirts and party animals. Different in that she is very sensitive and traditional in her sense of relationships. A solid combination of drugs, booze, and crazed dancing helped us get to know each other even better than our last encounter almost 2 months ago. She is my truest confident in this space, which is probably the function of our relative distance than anything else.

Nothing untoward passes between us, dear reader. She did at one point suggest I was embellishing my sex life while a little later making sure that I didn't regard her as a "tease". Both things kind of hurt but I realize, despite the fact that we share an pathos, she is not in my type of relationship and is not used to my level of openness.

She is ridiculously hot, though. I do hope that one day I will get featured in a hot dream or two :) I know she will make more than few of mine.

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