Monday, February 11, 2008

My thoughts on breasts and other things

Today I had a visit from a girl who will be referred to as in my blog as the Perfect Slut.  Why?  Well, for one thing she is an insatiable nymphomaniac- needing no alcohol or any other substance for that matter- to do dirty things which she genuinely enjoys.  For another thing, she is a super type-A with a little OCD so perfection means a lot to her.

Back to this afternoon... After some cursory making out, I found myself on my brand new couch being ridden by PS with her real and spectacular (read borderline DD) breast bobbing in front of my mouth with each downward thrust. She was looking into my eyes with pleasure but I knew what she really needed to get off.  I took a nipple into my mouth and proceeded to suck it hard in preparation of what was to come.  The more pressure I put on her nipple, the harder she bounced on my increasingly wet cock.  I looked in to her eyes smiled and bit her nipple as I roughly twisted the other in my free hand.  Her orgasm was almost instantaneous.

As she recovered enough to continue, I couldn't help but what a mystery nipple sensitivity and breast size is.  I've seen plenty of variety of sizes but until PS I had never met anyone as well endowed as her with sensitive nipples.  Thinking all the way back to high school, both Jewish Princess and Best Friend were both large C's but really didn't much sensitivity in their nipples.  Of the other end of the spectrum was UberSub, who with her A's could cum just from me working over her nipples.   My longer term partner (The One) who is barely a B is only slightly sensitive.

Is there any rhyme or reason?  I think ultimately it is as varied as the women themselves.  

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