Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not my weekend I guess... pt 2

Our party was a bit of a bust.  Predictably, The One's co-workers came and left early and our friends came later.  The crowd fizzled out early, Hot Doc (who was looking good) dance for an hour of so and then bailed out with her friend.   Just when things looked over our friend, the Divorcee, shows up and decides the night is not over and their are clubs to hit.  The One declines  the invitation out, still feeling the effects of her illness earlier this week, but I opt in.

The Divorcee is only recently divorced and still very much gun shy.  Despite that, she is fun dance partner and dead sexy...  the night is looking up!  We poke our heads into a couple of place before deciding on a small club with a hot DJ tandem spinning hip hop.  We do our thing on the dance floor, a delicious combination of push and pull between us.  As we get steamier, Divorcee leans into my ear and says "You working me over like this is going to do nothing in my hunt for a guy."  "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't notice you trying to get away from me."  I retorted with a wink.   She flashes me a sexy smile and turns around to grind her ass against me.

The dancing get sexier and all the sudden I think I we may actually hook up.  Divorcee is feeling it too and all the sudden she grabs my hand and says "Lets get out of here."  When we step out into the street my fortunes take a dive.  Every is pouring out of the bars and cabs are in short supply.  We go to a nearby hotel to wait for a taxi sheltered from the winter night.

As we wait in the plush lobby we continue the sexually charged nature of our interaction but it is clearly not with the same fire.  Still, things looked good at this point... until she gets a txt with a recent hookup partner that ended things earlier in the week.  Suddenly her mood changes, she is upset and insecure- an amazing departure from the confident woman who was about to ravish me in a cab a mere 30 minutes before.  I shifted into friend mode and gave up any hope for the evening.

Later that night as a surfed youporn (yet AGAIN!!!) I thought about my recent exploits- or lack there of.  I realized, as you good reader might have already, that I've been working on all converting straight-laced (or maybe I should say "conventionally-minded") women.  They require a lot of effort and a little luck.  Not that I'm going to stop my dance with the Hot Doc, but I think I need some more interaction with some like-minded souls.  Already have a txt into Prefect Slut a nice session with her and The One is just what the doctor ordered.  I might even set something up with Barely Legal (a friend's sister's friend who I hooked up with a while back).  Just got a txt from PS- she is headed over.


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Suze said...

I think time and patience will pay off on your part.

If she has recently split her head my still be in turmoil and she may come round to the idea of getting it on with you. ;)