Friday, February 15, 2008

Dining at the Y

So the best part of not being able to sleep last night was getting to wake up The One.  Now she is not the happiest person in the morning, but sometimes can I manage to wake her up with a smile.  After a few gentle kisses I work my way down her body letting her contented sighs direct me lower.  

When I get down to her beautiful smooth pussy (thank you laser) I take a few long teasing licks of her outer lips.  I lightly trace my tongue on the inner lips and gently blow on her hood.  She squirms as the air hits her most sensitive area.  I sucked her clit into my mouth and she crunched up with pleasure.  

Normally, I like to stimulate her g-spot during oral sex but I remembered that she can't handle the pressure on her bladder- it being the morning and all.  She is getting wetter and I can taste it.  I increased the speed of my tongue on her clit and she her moans get louder until she comes in a series of convolutions.

"You bastard, now I'm late!"  She said as she rolled out of bed for the shower.  I fall asleep with a raging hard on... cest la vie!

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