Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy hunting

You know what I love best about flirting... you never know what it will reveal or where it will lead.  Currently, I'm flirting hard with Hot Doc who is from the mid-west and as straight as an arrow.  I think it pretty much blows her mind that I would be hitting on her, much less that I would do so in front of my partner of over 7 years (The One).  I know nothing will come of it but I keep on picking up subtle details of her personality that make me want to do bad things to her.  My current fantasy is that I would have her hands handcuffed behind her while she is in the doggy position on her new bed.  New details of how I could help her realize some of her deep down hidden desires keeps me hooked on her.

About a year ago this time, I had spent some time flirting with a recent college grad who we knew from friends at a housewarming party.  Witty banter abounded and I transitioned seamlessly into sexual innuendo when I sensed things going well.  (Quick aside:  This is actually one of my favorite techniques- Opening up with wit and then testing the waters with some sexual jokes.  If your partner eats it up, try to get them to engage in more blatant sexual innuendo.  This will give you good insight into their style and proclivities and make the next move quite easy.) That is when she dropped the classic sub tell "Depends on what you want me to do".
Now, I have dom tendencies but it is nothing that I practice with regularity but I latched on to this opening to test her.  "Oh you're a bad girl, huh?  Why don't you go get us another drink while I think of some truly dirty things to do you?" I said smiling.  I do this to give her a chance to get away- after all my radar has been WAY WAY off before.  She tucked her long blonde hair behind her ears and took her leave.  

Scanning the room I see The One chatting away and give her a quick "You want in on this?" look.  Ever the doubter, she said "Yeah, you have no chance in hell."  
"Fine" I retorted, "then she is all mine."  No sooner had The One's eye roll stopped when the girl soon to be known as UberSub showed up with fresh beers.  Noticing my interaction with The One she asked "Is she ok?"  "Of course!  I may have to share you sometime but tonight you are all mine"  I replied scanning her face to see how she would react.  

At that moment there were a few thing she had to process.  1) Wait, does that mean she is ok with him cheating?  2) "Share me sometime?"  does that mean she is bi? UberSub's reaction was unique to anyone else before or since.  "Good, sir." with a small (maybe nervous) smile.  I was hard.

At this point, even in my slightly buzzed and cocky (in all manners) state, I was primarily concerned with how to proceed with out being noticed by the crowd of our good friends at this party, while still showing this girl a why she should let me be her Dom.  Leaving was out of the question... this party was out in the countryside and there was no way I could ditch without taking The One or arousing attention.  Finding a spare bedroom was out too, as the house had a open floor plan and only 1 private bathroom, if I wanted to go that route.  

Luckily, I caught a break when someone announced that "everyone" was going skinny dipping in the pond located in the backyard.  The One, always the exhibitionist, was out the door with 90% of the party behind her.  Those that were let were either passed out (it was pretty late) or strangers enmeshed in their own conversations.  I had to pee, which gave me the perfect excuse to get UberSub out of the house and away from prying eyes and ears.

Once on the other side of the house from the pond we were truly alone.  The house was situated on 5 acres and had some woods the effectively secluded it from all neighbors.  We abled up the driveway filled with cars as we make some small talk about the party.  I could tell she was nervous and not quite sure what to expect.  I got my game plan together (Note to all you aspiring Doms out there you have to have a story in your mind of what you want to do.  Your sub is giving you trust and it is a blank canvass.  Your job is to paint the scene.) trying to thread the needle between dominating and building some trust.  She was so new that I didn't want to scare her but at the same time she was exhibiting all the signs that she needed to be owned.

"God, I have to pee." I said "Can you hold my drink?"  I handed her my mostly empty cup and turned 45 degrees away from her.  I pulled my cock out of my fly and proceeded to pee while watching UberSub.  She stared at my crotch until I was done and looked a little embarrassed when she finally looked up to know she was caught.  Smiling, I took both the cups from her and said "Your turn." She looked at me, for a second and then hiked up her sarong and squatted down.  

Now, I'm not really into watersports so this just a good transition to our play session.
When she stood up and started to pull her sarong back down I stopped her.  "Leave it up." I commanded and she did, looking in my eyes.  I admired her totally shaved pussy and asked "Do you ways keep it shaved this way or did you think you were going to get lucky at this party?"  "No," she replied "It is always like this.  I think the hair just gets in the way down there." She delivered that last part with just a little sass which demonstrated a bit of ego on her part and reminded me just a little of Politician's Daughter.  "Oh really?  You ARE a bad girl, then."  I said as I circled her, noticing her incredibly firm ass.

When I came back around to her front I downed the remnants of my cup and put down her still pretty full cup on the ground.  As I had straightened up I ran my hand up her leg and admired the smoothness of her skin.  When I got to her pussy she shuddered and grabbed my other arm to steady herself.  "You are soaking wet."  I remarked.  "How long have you been this wet?"  "Since you made me go get you a drink." UberSub responded.  Good answer!

UberSub's eyes glazed over a bit has I lightly traced her inner labia with my fingers.  I leaned in and kissed her.  Now I love making out and am fully aware that the very first deep kiss is generally a little akward as 2 competing styles clash before a mutual style is adopted.  But not UberSub... she was perfect- active, urgent but also adapting almost instantly to my style.  What is my style you ask?  Well, good reader, I like intense kisses with lip sucking and just a little tongue. As I broke our kiss I captured I bit her bottom lip just a little.  

That is when things escalated faster than I had planned.  As I transferred some of her wetness to her clit, UberSub's legs went wobbly.  As she tried to regain her balance she knocked over her drink onto my foot.  "Look what you done!" I cried.  As she tried to apologize I shut her up, "You clumsy little slut!  You are going to have to pay for this."

I grabbed her by the her shoulder turning her around to face a light pole that was illuminating us.  "Grab the pole and don't you dare move your hands" I ordered as I held her hips to force her to bend at the waist to put her hands on the metal pole.  Once she complied, I stepped back to admire the view.  She had an amazing ass and her anus looked inviting.  Her pussy was visibly wet and, in better lighting, I bet I would not have been able to resist taking a lick. "Please!" she pleaded.  I wasn't quite sure whether she was trying to avoid a spanking or asking me to start.

I rubbed her ass a few circles on each cheek and the reared back and gave her a medium-hard slap on the ass.  She squealed and stopped her chatter. I swatted her ass again enjoying the crisp crack of my hand on her athletic ass.  I gave her 10 licks with a couple of breaks to rub her her ass and tease her pussy.  When I finished, it was obvious UberSub was switch on.  I crouched behind her lightly rubbing her ass.  Spreading her legs a little to give her a little oral attention from behind I noticed that she was so turned on her juices were literally dripping out of her pussy.  One caress from my tongue and her knees buckled again.

I stood up to help her up but decided again to bump things up a little.  I walked between her and the light pole, grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees.  She looked so incredibly slutty with her eyes half open, panting and kneeling before me. "Take out my cock" I ordered.

Dear reader, little did I know that this innocent looking 22 year-old was a consummate bj queen.  Looking in my eyes she gave me some cursory sucks before shoving my cock down her throat.  After that surprise she pulled back licking the underside of the head, smiling.  She then began to suck in earnest pumping the base of my cock with her hand as she devoured the rest.  As she went it was obvious she was getting more and more worked up.  She was moaning so loud on my cock that I looked down to see if she was fingering herself (she wasn't).  She deepthroated me again, but this time I decided to take charge before she totally took over.  

Grabbing the back of her head I pushed her further down on my cock and held her there as she licked my balls while my cock hit the back of her throat.  Letting her back off I said "You are such a good little slut.  I'm going to fuck your mouth!"  She moaned and opened up her mouth again.  Grabbing her by the hair with both hands I shoved my cock in and out, getting progressively deeper.  By the time I was all the way in I was pretty close to cumming.  One last thrust and I held her deep again.  She started to gag a bit and I let pull back.  

As she sat back on her heals I slipped my hand down her tank top and started tugging on her nipples.  Her gasps for air turned into groans of pleasure.  I worked over her nipples- pinching, twisting, and caressing.  All of the sudden she came!  Not a single convulsion "technically" an orgasm- orgasm.  But a full blown, gut wrenchingly hard orgasm.  She reached for my cock again but I stopped her.  "I didn't tell you that you could cum yet."  I told her.  As she started to protest I shut her up, "Listen slut, you haven't earned the right to finish me off."  I put away my cock and picked her back up on to her feet.

As we walked back to the party you could practically feel the sexual vibrations coming off of UberSub.  I was hoping that I could have another session with my new pet that night- but it wasn't meant to be.  When we walked in I was quickly ambushed by some friends to play a drinking game while The One, who was in the middle of the dance floor, dancing with her favorite play friend Irish (another story for another time) grabbed UberSub.  The opportunity never presented itself again- though later that night UberSub and Irish put on a girlgirl show in the middle of the dancefloor while they thought everyone was asleep.  I was outside passed out and missed it.  Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men do often end up in blue balls.

Wow- that was a long sidetrack but it goes to show that you never know what some flirting can lead to.  Just got a txt from the HotDoc... game on!   


Peggy said...

Very awesome story! Happy Valentine's Day!!

FirmhandSam said...

Thanks- I've been a total sex blog voyeur for awhile and decided to take the plunge!

Selena Kitt said...

Found you through Sugasm... gave you some linky love! (return love is appreciated, but not necessary!)

Just wanted you to know I love your blog! :))

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Sweetheart, lissen to the sounds of U.S. grow'n older on this whorizontal-playing-field; then, lissen to the vertical, Land of Opportunity where even the universe can know no bounds to our joyfull pleasure; feeeeel the warmth and passion surrounding us as I serve you alone for eons and eons in Heaven. Wanna do that, miss gorgeous girl? Wanna lemme? I'd looove to please you in Heaven and, Upstairs for eternity, I'll have nuthin to hold me down, nuthin to hold me back. Neither will you. See 'sexponential' and/or 'closenmyeyes' for more info --- blessed holy socks.