Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This blog has moved...

I can now be found at http://exceptionalflirt.wordpress.com

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick Catch Up

Sorry, I've been MIA but I'm in the middle of a big project at work.  14 hour days are doing nothing to stoke my desire to blog and really putting a damper on my sex life.  And while I promised myself I would never use my blog to communicate with those in my life, PS is going through a bit of a rough spot.

PS-  Hang in there, sexy!  I know it sucks right now but it will get better.

-End of personal message-

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kindred Spirit...

Tonight I had the rare opportunity to hang out with a friend I feel an bizarre connection with. Free Spirit and I are at once extremely similar and incredible different all the same. The same in that we are both ridiculous flirts and party animals. Different in that she is very sensitive and traditional in her sense of relationships. A solid combination of drugs, booze, and crazed dancing helped us get to know each other even better than our last encounter almost 2 months ago. She is my truest confident in this space, which is probably the function of our relative distance than anything else.

Nothing untoward passes between us, dear reader. She did at one point suggest I was embellishing my sex life while a little later making sure that I didn't regard her as a "tease". Both things kind of hurt but I realize, despite the fact that we share an pathos, she is not in my type of relationship and is not used to my level of openness.

She is ridiculously hot, though. I do hope that one day I will get featured in a hot dream or two :) I know she will make more than few of mine.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Itch scratched

After a frustrating (in pretty much every sense of the world) week, I was ready for some good ol'fashioned debauchery.  As I mentioned last post, a session with Perfect Slut and The One was just the remedy for my blues.  PS met up with The One and I at a local watering hole that I love for many reasons- the least of which is that it tends to be a congregation point for our local roller derby girls.  

Now the PS doesn't drink but she requires no dutch courage to start some shit. I belly to the bar to order my second round of drinks when I hear a commotion.  PS lying on a table and The One and another girl are doing bodyshots of her.  I guess the long weekend is bringing the best in people!  It turns out to be her 21st b-day and she is celebrating by licking tequila of my hot friend and then kissing my girl.  As awesome as I think the b-day girl is, her friends apparently think things are a little out of control and spirit her away to the next bar.

The One and PS are feeling good after their taste of fresh meat. We're seated in a circular booth with PS in the middle of the sandwich.  As they scope other potential conquests I notice that The One hand is under the table, in the general vicinity of PS's lap.   PS gets off on public action (remind me to tell you about the time we went shopping with her wearing remote control vibrating panties), but I haven't noticed any change in her demeanor.    Has she gotten better at hiding her arousal in public?  Not a second after the thought enters my mind,  PS turns her head to me, grabs my arm, and buries her face in my neck as she comes.

I'm staring at The One's eyes and her devilish smile makes me chuckle.  Luckily, the loud and abusive rock from the juke box drowned out PS's moans because we weren't exactly by ourselves.  In fact, The One is licking PS's juices from her fingers when a waitress asked if we wanted another drink.  "I think we're done, thanks."  The One quickly said as she grabbed PS's hand and leads her out of the booth.  I take a second to compose (and readjust) myself and join them on the street.

As we walk to PS's car I think about The One's power trip.  Two things are on my mind:  1) How can she go from almost asexual to making out with strangers and fingering someone at a bar almost at the flip of a switch? 2) Will she share PS?  

Luckily, I don't have a lot to time to think about it because as soon as we are in the car hands and lips are everywhere.  

A blessedly short ride later, we are back at our place and The One and PS are making on our bed. I slide behind The One and get to work on removing her clothes.  The One has her hand under PS's skirt and it rides up to reveal that there are no panties on our slutty friend.  When she is highly aroused, PS has a hair trigger and The One is playing her like a violin.  She takes her to the edge of release and then backs off.  As she repeats this I take the opportunity to help PS lose her top and bra, releasing her incredible breasts.

Soon I'm toying with PS's nipples- alternating between licking, sucking, and nibbling.  This acts as a multiplier to The One's work and PS screams as she reaches a powerful orgasm.  The One continues to finger PS as she rides one orgasm to the next.  Finally, PS goes limp and The One and I take the opportunity to lose the rest of our clothes and start to kiss.

PS recovers and joins in by going down on The One.  After a few minutes I suggest that they 69 and take up a position behind The One.  As PS licks her from below I start to lick her  her inviting asshole (one of her absolute favorite thing in the world).   She is moaning into PS's pussy and I can tell she is getting close. I slip two fingers in to her pussy from behind, stroking her g-spot as PS licks her clit.  I lube up the thumb from my other hand  with her juices and slowly slip it in her ass.  

The One's moans are now louder and more intense.  I feel the walls of her pussy start to grip my fingers and she screams as her first orgasm hits her.  I remove my fingers and replace them with my cock.  PS continues to lick her from bellow as I fuck her doggie style.  The One gives up on trying to lick PS as she starts to experience the rolling orgasms she gets from g-spot stimulations.  

I pull out of The One when she gets too weak to hold herself up and stick my soaking cock in PS's waiting mouth.  She works me over with her tongue and I start to pump in and out of her face.  Getting used like the slut that she is gets PS all worked up again and she pulls away from my cock and pulls me down on the bed.  Quickly she mounts me and begins to ride me hard.  The One comes to her side and starts to play PS's bouncing breasts as the make out.  

As turned on as she was I knew it wouldn't take too long her her to cum again.  "Ride my cock, you nasty slut."  I order her.  "You are such a good little whore, I think [The One] and I are going to keep you."  To punctuate my dirty talk The One grabs PS's hair from the back and says "Cum for me, you little slut!"  As I'm thinking "God, I love this girl" PS is screaming her way through her orgasm.

The girls are fucked out but I'm still not done.  I stand on the bed and The One kneels in front of me and starts to suck my dick.  She is soon joined by PS.  The both took turns stuffing me in their mouths and then they both started to suck my shaved balls (note:  Guys, if you like people to suck on your balls you have to shave.  It not only feels better for you but you don't have to watch your partner(s) stop to fish out a random hair.).  I'm getting close as The One sucks my cock while PS licks my balls. 

"Oh shit, I'm cumming!"  I warn and The One, ever the exhibitionist in bed, opens her mouth and tilts her head back.  I shoot two spurts in her mouth and PS grabs my cock and milks the rest of my load on her tits (she does not like cum in her mouth).  The One licks the rest of my semen off of PS and then kisses her- she is trying to train PS to like cum.  We rest on our bed with me in the middle.

After each of us visited the rest room, we rejoin the cuddle session in the bed.  PS is tucked in on my right and The One is spooning her. The girls fall asleep and I soon nod off relishing the end to the weekend.  

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not my weekend I guess... pt 2

Our party was a bit of a bust.  Predictably, The One's co-workers came and left early and our friends came later.  The crowd fizzled out early, Hot Doc (who was looking good) dance for an hour of so and then bailed out with her friend.   Just when things looked over our friend, the Divorcee, shows up and decides the night is not over and their are clubs to hit.  The One declines  the invitation out, still feeling the effects of her illness earlier this week, but I opt in.

The Divorcee is only recently divorced and still very much gun shy.  Despite that, she is fun dance partner and dead sexy...  the night is looking up!  We poke our heads into a couple of place before deciding on a small club with a hot DJ tandem spinning hip hop.  We do our thing on the dance floor, a delicious combination of push and pull between us.  As we get steamier, Divorcee leans into my ear and says "You working me over like this is going to do nothing in my hunt for a guy."  "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't notice you trying to get away from me."  I retorted with a wink.   She flashes me a sexy smile and turns around to grind her ass against me.

The dancing get sexier and all the sudden I think I we may actually hook up.  Divorcee is feeling it too and all the sudden she grabs my hand and says "Lets get out of here."  When we step out into the street my fortunes take a dive.  Every is pouring out of the bars and cabs are in short supply.  We go to a nearby hotel to wait for a taxi sheltered from the winter night.

As we wait in the plush lobby we continue the sexually charged nature of our interaction but it is clearly not with the same fire.  Still, things looked good at this point... until she gets a txt with a recent hookup partner that ended things earlier in the week.  Suddenly her mood changes, she is upset and insecure- an amazing departure from the confident woman who was about to ravish me in a cab a mere 30 minutes before.  I shifted into friend mode and gave up any hope for the evening.

Later that night as a surfed youporn (yet AGAIN!!!) I thought about my recent exploits- or lack there of.  I realized, as you good reader might have already, that I've been working on all converting straight-laced (or maybe I should say "conventionally-minded") women.  They require a lot of effort and a little luck.  Not that I'm going to stop my dance with the Hot Doc, but I think I need some more interaction with some like-minded souls.  Already have a txt into Prefect Slut a nice session with her and The One is just what the doctor ordered.  I might even set something up with Barely Legal (a friend's sister's friend who I hooked up with a while back).  Just got a txt from PS- she is headed over.


Not my weekend I guess... pt 1

Going into Friday evening, all signs looked to bode well for my prospects for sex  this weekend:  Hot Doc and I had a couple of "dates" on the books, The One and I were throwing a party (admittedly a vanilla one), and I had recently been back in contact with a friend who looks like a young Cyndi Lauper who I'll refer to as the Divorcee.
Thing unraveled starting with Hot Doc canceling our date due to the effects of a long day ( her profession that means a REALLY long day).   Undeterred, I headed out to meet up with another dance partner (the Cougar)- only to be phoned by another friend say she had just put the Cougar in a cab home because she was wasted.  With the hunger still in my head I went to a strip club and was not really in the mood for it.  I left an hour later a more than a few dollars poorer.  A few dirty txts to ex co-worker (Hipster Queen) and I'm on the couch surfing youporn... again.

Saturday, starts with the realization that'll be the only one cleaning up before our party later that day.  Coupled by the letdown of the night before, I was in a bad mood.  A couple of cups of coffee later and I'm a cleaning dervish.  I clean hard hoping to knock out it all out before my shopping date with Hot Doc.  By the time she calls I've not only finished but I'm showered and ready to go.

Now the background here is that Hot Doc needs a new computer and I'm a bit of a technology whore- a perfect match.  I meet her at her apartment and get the grand tour spending a little longer in the bed room, of course.  The flirting is in full gear and Hot Doc is in rare form, generally she can be pretty reserved (when sober) but Saturday she is tossing in sexual innuendos right and left.  A little horse play and I jokingly give a light bite on the neck.  I see her battle in her head:  Act on the situation or stop.  Unfortunately, she choses the later and I make the decision ok by keeping light.  She doesn't miss a beat in the flirting- still a chance!

We purchase a new Macbook and AppleTV at the Apple Store and return to her house to set everything up.  Luckily Apple makes this so easy that with in 30 minutes we are sitting on her couch and renting a movie to test the new Apple Tv setup.   "Aww come'on luv, give us a cuddle!" I offered in my best(worst) cockney in support of the movie, 28 Days Later.  

You could cut the sexual tension with a knife- she nestles in and I'm lightly playing with her hair.  I know that Hot Doc is still hesitant about the situation (she really can't wrap her head around the whole open relationship concept) so I'm determined that she has to make the first move. Otherwise,  it could go south quickly (ala Jersey Girl- who, to this day, still has regular freak outs about our sessions despite having spent a couple of nights making out with The One-- a story I hope to tell soon).   

Just has things are heating up (we've progressed to teasingly tracking each other's hands with our fingers) the doorbell rings and the food that we order-and forgot about- arrived (it took an hour and a half to deliver), interrupting the momentum.  By the time we finished eating and resume our original position on the couch I can tell I'm back to square one.  On top, of that I run out of time.  Frustrated, I leave.   I couldn't help but notice that I felt about the same as when I left the strip club last night.

Continued in PTII.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dining at the Y

So the best part of not being able to sleep last night was getting to wake up The One.  Now she is not the happiest person in the morning, but sometimes can I manage to wake her up with a smile.  After a few gentle kisses I work my way down her body letting her contented sighs direct me lower.  

When I get down to her beautiful smooth pussy (thank you laser) I take a few long teasing licks of her outer lips.  I lightly trace my tongue on the inner lips and gently blow on her hood.  She squirms as the air hits her most sensitive area.  I sucked her clit into my mouth and she crunched up with pleasure.  

Normally, I like to stimulate her g-spot during oral sex but I remembered that she can't handle the pressure on her bladder- it being the morning and all.  She is getting wetter and I can taste it.  I increased the speed of my tongue on her clit and she her moans get louder until she comes in a series of convolutions.

"You bastard, now I'm late!"  She said as she rolled out of bed for the shower.  I fall asleep with a raging hard on... cest la vie!