Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm a late 20 something latin male and self diagnosed womanizer living in the deep south.  I'm in a long-term open relationship which has afforded me a pretty unique perspective on sexuality, relationships, and the female psyche.  Over the last 15 years of my sexually active life I've seen a wide spectrum of women and situations which has informed my current world view.  

I can't claim to be an incredible lover, just a little better than average.  I'm not ridiculously good looking, well hung, rich, or any other of the common traits you associate with a guy with a lot of lovers.  In fact, I think I'm pretty average in those departments.  Truth is:   I'm the guy that most girls would label "a nice guy"... well at least for a little while.

Ever since my first girlfriend in 7th grade who gave me a handjob in an elevator of our middle school, I've been on a quest to bring out the dirtiest out of my female companions.  This blog is a reflection on my past and present sexual interactions. Call it therapy or a way to heighten my sexual experiences, I hope it entertains and spurs conversation.

Finally I would love to recognize some the amazing bloggers that have inspired me to join the sex blogging community:  Naked Loft Party, Anal Amy, Mandy's Erotic Life,  and Arousal of the Minx, and the Fabulous Adventures of a Slutty Wife to name just a few.

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arousaloftheminx said...

Well hey there. Thanks for the linkage and the comment you dropped on my site. Looking forward to reading you.

Little Minx