Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not my weekend I guess... pt 1

Going into Friday evening, all signs looked to bode well for my prospects for sex  this weekend:  Hot Doc and I had a couple of "dates" on the books, The One and I were throwing a party (admittedly a vanilla one), and I had recently been back in contact with a friend who looks like a young Cyndi Lauper who I'll refer to as the Divorcee.
Thing unraveled starting with Hot Doc canceling our date due to the effects of a long day ( her profession that means a REALLY long day).   Undeterred, I headed out to meet up with another dance partner (the Cougar)- only to be phoned by another friend say she had just put the Cougar in a cab home because she was wasted.  With the hunger still in my head I went to a strip club and was not really in the mood for it.  I left an hour later a more than a few dollars poorer.  A few dirty txts to ex co-worker (Hipster Queen) and I'm on the couch surfing youporn... again.

Saturday, starts with the realization that'll be the only one cleaning up before our party later that day.  Coupled by the letdown of the night before, I was in a bad mood.  A couple of cups of coffee later and I'm a cleaning dervish.  I clean hard hoping to knock out it all out before my shopping date with Hot Doc.  By the time she calls I've not only finished but I'm showered and ready to go.

Now the background here is that Hot Doc needs a new computer and I'm a bit of a technology whore- a perfect match.  I meet her at her apartment and get the grand tour spending a little longer in the bed room, of course.  The flirting is in full gear and Hot Doc is in rare form, generally she can be pretty reserved (when sober) but Saturday she is tossing in sexual innuendos right and left.  A little horse play and I jokingly give a light bite on the neck.  I see her battle in her head:  Act on the situation or stop.  Unfortunately, she choses the later and I make the decision ok by keeping light.  She doesn't miss a beat in the flirting- still a chance!

We purchase a new Macbook and AppleTV at the Apple Store and return to her house to set everything up.  Luckily Apple makes this so easy that with in 30 minutes we are sitting on her couch and renting a movie to test the new Apple Tv setup.   "Aww come'on luv, give us a cuddle!" I offered in my best(worst) cockney in support of the movie, 28 Days Later.  

You could cut the sexual tension with a knife- she nestles in and I'm lightly playing with her hair.  I know that Hot Doc is still hesitant about the situation (she really can't wrap her head around the whole open relationship concept) so I'm determined that she has to make the first move. Otherwise,  it could go south quickly (ala Jersey Girl- who, to this day, still has regular freak outs about our sessions despite having spent a couple of nights making out with The One-- a story I hope to tell soon).   

Just has things are heating up (we've progressed to teasingly tracking each other's hands with our fingers) the doorbell rings and the food that we order-and forgot about- arrived (it took an hour and a half to deliver), interrupting the momentum.  By the time we finished eating and resume our original position on the couch I can tell I'm back to square one.  On top, of that I run out of time.  Frustrated, I leave.   I couldn't help but notice that I felt about the same as when I left the strip club last night.

Continued in PTII.

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